The personality of WNCP television embarks on final year

The personality of WNCP television embarks on final year

21 year old, Andra Hale has a personality that you can’t help but notice. He speaks his mind and embodies laughter. The Fayetteville native is majoring in broadcast journalism.

The entertaining personality of WNCP television calls himself a private person, “I usually don’t spill that much about myself,” he said.

Hale has been active in the school’s broadcasting department since spring 2006. He became so active he and a friend created their own television show for the station. The show was called Trailer Trash.

The show centered around Hale and his friend Matt Heckel reviewing movie trailers and giving their opinion on them. Some episodes included Hale and some other cast members playing different characters. The show aired its final episode last spring. Heckel and few others from the show graduated in 2008.

“The one movie I saw this summer was Stepbrothers. It was hilarious. Then again I didn’t see a lot of other movies due to ticket prices,” Hale said. The price for a matinee in Fayetteville is $7 and $9 after the matinee.

Hale’s favorite movie is Coming to America. “It’s the one movie that I can watch over 100 times and not get tired of it. I also know it for word to word,” he said.

Hale works his magic in the campus radio station. This is his second semester involving the radio station. He and SGA president

Last spring he was involved in UNCP’s first student sitcom for WNCP. The show was called Broadcast Now! Most of the show had people who produce Trailer Trash as cast members. The show was a fictional behind the scenes look at the News shows cast and crew. It aired three episodes and ended in the spring. The reason for the show endings was the same as Trailer Trash’s.

When asked what he’ll miss about Pembroke when he graduates he said, “The people and the department.”

After he graduates he wants to find a job in both radio and television production, “To make a decent living I’ll work both radio and television,” he said.



“Here’s to the guys…”

Michele and I have made a nice little wager. Whoever is still with their current boyfriend on Feb. 14th 2009, wins. The loser gives the winner $10 and a dinner. If both win then the boyfriends treat us to a double date dinner.

The current boyfriend’s names have been written down so no one will cheat…(Michele, and Hell I’ll admit I might cheat too…but not on the boyfriend)

The boyfriends cannot know of this bet at all.

“Such fragile broken things…”

“Let the flames begin” by Paramore

A dream is a dream whether you want it to or not…

that dream can be lost in a flick of a light…

your dream can be taken away in the blink of an eye…

no one can judge your dream…

unless you reveal it…

dreams can be a wishful thought…

or just a hopeless fantasy…

you can never tell the difference…

the only way to know that the dream is real…

you have to beileve that not all dreams come true…

seeing a dream go unheard of or forgotten is a nightmare…

some people live in a nightmare everyday…

to get away from it some pretend, or imagine…

or they just close thier eyes and let the nightmare flow…

when dreaming you have to remember that not all dreams come true

“There goes my hero…watch him as he goes…”

song: “My Hero” Paramore ( foo fighters cover)

The walls look the same

nothing looks untouched or unearthed

everything is in their right spots

the words grip at your heart

to the human eye it all looks so perfect

the perfect script

perfect backdrop

perfect actors

living the perfect lives

but what happens when all that falls apart

do the actors stand around waiting for their cue

does the backdrop fall to pieces

does the script become fuse to build a fire

who knows the true difference between real and fantasy

for all we know we could be living in a fantasy right now

every perfect moment we thought we had

could’ve been a figment of our imagination

so how do we fill in the empty space

with empty hearts, empty promises or empty wishes

this is the way it should’ve been all along

a few broken promises and broken hearts along the way

a few “its me not you” , “were better off as friends”

or the always popular “I need some space”

in the fantasy world there wouldn’t be one single broken heart

that means there wouldn’t be that one person who would come back and fix that broken heart

a broken heart helps a person grow

they learn about themselves and become more protective of their hearts

see in the real world we need that

we all need to grow some way

we don’t need the movie scripts to tell us how to feel

we don’t need the perfect scenery

we don’t need the perfect actors

because face it no ones perfect

all we need is the right words and a open heart willing to heal

New artist gives me chills

The following video is of a unsigned and un named band. Ashley plays the bass and Shannon sings. The song was written by both of them in a day or two period.